Junior/Graduate Mechanical Engineer

As a Junior/Graduate Mechanical Engineer, your role will involve contributing to the design and construction process of various Mechanical Services systems. You will work as part of an innovative engineering team and gain exposure to all stages of the design and construction process. There will be strong potential for career advancement, and you will receive ongoing training and continuing professional development (CPD).

•  Estimation & tendering on engineers’ reports: You will be involved in estimating project costs and preparing tender documents based on engineers’ reports.
•  Supplier management: You will build strong relationships with suppliers and ensure timely return of prices for project materials and equipment.
•  Plans and calculations: You will assist with developing plans and calculations for Mechanical Services systems, considering factors such as load calculations, equipment selection, and system layout.
•  Record keeping: Assist with maintaining records and files of all completed engineering work, ensuring that documentation is organised and easily accessible.
•  Project management: Assist with managing project workflow programs, coordinating tasks and timelines to ensure smooth project execution.

Key skills required for this role include:
•  Good IT skills: Familiarity with industry-specific software such as AutoCAD and REVIT will be beneficial
•  Analytical and problem-solving skills: You should possess excellent analytical abilities to identify and solve engineering problems effectively.
•  Attention to detail: Having an eye for detail is crucial in ensuring accuracy and quality in engineering designs and calculations.
•  Strong communication skills: Clear and effective communication is essential for collaborating with team members, suppliers, and clients.
•  People and time management skills: You should be able to work well as part of a team and independently, managing your time efficiently to meet project deadlines.

By utilising these skills and actively participating in the engineering team, you can contribute to the successful delivery of projects and advance your career in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

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